Friday, 21 April 2017

Ticking Along

Well it seems as though The Infernal Clock is a brand that is here to stay. It has a twitter account @infernal_clock, an email address and of course this blog spot. There have been tweets aplenty posted by its talented contributors, although arguably @TheShakes72 is out there in the lead and some very pleasing early reviews which can be read here at amazon. 

We even had a number one position in the Kindle chart for a few heady hours.

What was an even bigger kick however, was checking to see who was on the bookshelf with us, I mean Shirley Jackson AND Stephen King.

So what next?

The focus is still at present on The Infernal Clock. We are working behind the scenes to gather more reviews, today we sent a copy of the book to the British Fantasy Society and will be approaching others. These sites and organisations have said they have quite a pile of material to review so it may be some time before they get to ours – there are no guarantees. But if we don’t ask we don’t get and that is something we are having to learn fast, to put ourselves ‘out there’ even if it means a knockback. It may even be that the reviews are not what were hoped for but that is the nature of the industry, a world based on the subjectivity of the reader.

We are looking at different platforms and different methods of presenting The Infernal Clock but this will take time. There is also a competition in the pipeline, again to draw traffic to this site and the book. And if that isn’t enough, yes there will be another anthology.

This is a long game, so if things look as though they have gone quiet the Clock hasn’t stopped, it’s just ticking along nicely (and @theShakes72 is probably in the pub, except on a school night).

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